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Author:  tom
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Date:  11/24/2004 5:12:00 PM
Subject:  Thanksgiving
Message:  I understand the halacha or simply not celebrating other people holidays, but thangsgiving is a day when all religous people celebrate this country that was founded on religous freedom, trust me i live in a place where there are 300 shuls on a block and people walk around looking like turn of the century cast members. If anything someone with long peyot and knickers SHOULD be eating turkey this holiday to give Hakorus Hatov to the Chasidim who came to Plymouth Rock, or were those Pilgrims, they kinda look alike dont they?
Reply:  Except that when this Holiday was created, it was created to "Give Thanks" to a God that we don't believe in. We are not to be mean to them, but it is not our Holiday. Think about it a bit.

We are in Galut (Exile). We have been thrown out of our country for our actions. If we were to have corrected them, or right now if we correct them, we are guaranteed to be brought right back. We are yet still here. Even those of us in Israel know that we are all in exile. We cannot even walk safely in our own neighborhoods.

Yes, many people are not religious. But the Moshiach would come if only the religious were actually religious. If they just followed God's laws and not some ridiculous robotic set of regulations and customs that are not based on anything from God's Torah.

Our place here in exile is to constantly remember that we are in exile and do something about it.

Let's stop creating our Chinuch (children's upbringing) as a system to take each child and fit them into a preset mold that is created on an assembly line. It doesn't work! Real Chinuch is to teach each Child "Al Pi Darko," equal to his/her level and personality. We factory-process these kids and Quality Control has gone to hell. These are not cars, they are not newspapers, you can't machine-process them.

What kind of crazy society rewards the few children in the class for being born smart, and gives the rest of the children the worst inferiority complex imaginable. I can elaborate for hours, but we all know this. No one is prepared to do anything. "You can't change the world."

Well if we are giving up, then I guess we should start celebrating Thanksgiving. We might as well get comfortable in our surroundings, since we shall be here for a real long time....

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