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Author:  Emmanuel
E-mail:  beityossef@hotmail.com
Date:  11/24/2004 12:25:00 PM
Subject:  Vatikin
Message:  Hello Kevod Harav
This is my situation. Vatikin zman in Montreal is around 7:05am and will go up until 7:32am, by mid February things should come back to normal.
I could stay in Shul until 7:45am, so I don’t have a big problem for non Sefer-Tora days; I just finish up quickly after my Amida.
My question is as follows: On Sefer-Tora days, I go to an other shul that has 2 minyanim (Poalim and Vatikin) I do the Selihot part and hear Keriat Hatora with the first minyan and then pray Vatikin with the second and I finish the rest after my Amida.
Would it be better to pray normally (in the right seder) but before zeman Vatikin?

Reply:  No. Better to pray on time. And make sure you start the Amida two minutes after the commonly listed sunrise, which is the time when the entire sun rises above the horizon.

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