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Author:  Josh
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Date:  11/22/2004 8:39:00 AM
Subject:  Soda Cans
Message:  Soda cans / Shabbat
Message:      Hi, I thought opening soda cans on shabbat was definately Makeh bePatish. Seems like you wrote last year that it's ok: http://kashrut.org/forum/viewpost.asp?mid=5064&highlight=cans.

If it's not maken be patish, why?

Much appreciated, Thank you.
Reply:      Why should it be Makeh BePatish?

While you are just trying to get food/soda out you are creating a “pesach yaffa” -- a nice hole to drink from which (forget about the can)could/should raise some problems according to the Rema?


Reply:  When you get a chance look over Teshuva #191 in The Ohr Yitzchok. My father explains the P'sak very clearly.

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