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Author:  Jonathan
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Date:  11/19/2004 7:31:00 AM
Subject:  Norelco (Philips) Shaver
Message:  Is this type of electric shaver ok, here's a site on the subject.
Thank you,
Reply:  What a comedy show!

All Electric Shavers are OK. If one were not OK, they would all be a problem. There is only one category, "Misparayim Ke'En Taar." The juggling of the opinions in this article is bordering on the absurd. This is not a thesis in Touro College.

These people don't understand the first thing about Halachah (Jewish Law). Halachah is not a game and cannot be played with by amateurs. The Zohar writes in the Hakdamah that those who present Jewish Law without being qualified are the main cause for the massacres of Jewish people in our history. (Take a minute to swallow that). Did he mean this could have been a cause for the Holocaust Yes, which is exactly what he says. So buying a German car is not as bad as presenting Jewish Law improperly?! Hmmm.

That site should be shut down and they should all be sent to Singapore for a good caning....

Ok here is a strange coincidence. The writer of that article is Ephraim Elli Bohm.

As it says, "KosherShaver would like to thank the editorial staff (Ephraim Elli Bohm; Publisher, Author / Yitzchok Hisiger; English Editor) at Halacha Berurah for giving us permission to publish this material on our website."

I saw his book that he wrote, Halachah Berurah. It should be called, "Halichah Arura."

In it he thanks his Rebbi, Rabbi Simcha Rosenblatt for his help or whatever. Rabbi Simi's Rebbi is my father, Rabbi Yitzchak Abadi. Somehow, a student of my father has a student who can write Halachah without the knowledge required nor the fear of the consequences of such an act.

Rabbi Rosenblatt,
Did you tell this guy not to write such a book? Time to call your Rebbi and figure out how to correct such a mess. And check out that Zohar. It ought to clarify the severity of these type things.

Love always,
Aaroni Abadi (aka AA)

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