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Author:  Noach Fox
E-mail:  Moneychest@aol.com
Date:  11/11/2004 11:51:00 AM
Subject:  Naming of the first born
Message:  Ijust wanted to respond that in the Sefer Shari Halacha Uminhag which is a Likut of various Dinim and Chidushim of the Lubavitcher Rebbe Zal in Chalel Yorah Daeh Chalek Gimel page Raish Tzai Hay the Rebbe writes that Minhag of Lubavitch he is not sure if there is a special minhag but he does quote the Hadar Zekainim and Das Zekainim on Pusik in Beraishis Perek Lamed Ches Posuk Hay thet they do say the Minhag is that the first name is given by the father then the second child the mother then so on should be the seder.

I hope I helped shed some light that there are minhagim and we don't need to go to a lwyer yet !!!!!!!!!!! LOL

All the best

Rabbi Noach Fox Crown Heights Brooklyn
Reply:  Thanks. But in reality there are no specific rules. These are things that at times there was a standard procedure and for Shalom Bayit (peace at home), you follow procedures. Today there is not any real solid standard, so do what you both agree to. Certainly the Zaidis and Bubbys should keep their comments to themselves. Especially since they remember the frustrations that they felt and the fighting that was caused to them when they were in this stage in life.....

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