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Author:  d
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Date:  11/10/2004 7:29:00 PM
Subject:  wondering
Message:  1) if brothers are included in issur to touch men, why dont ppl hold that?

2) if brothers are included in issur to touch men, why can i sing in front of them, does it say specifically by kol isha not like that?

3) why do u say there is no special way to cut nails when straight out there is- do u not hold of the ruach raah types of things?

4) is it true that you hold that music is assur the whole year and since u listen anyways the whole year u mite as well listen in sefira?

5) can someone just start following r abadi halachos out of the blue if no relation?

6) so in a comunity where its accepted, its ok to wear long baggy pants? woud u let ur daughter do this? why are there no known torah communities who wear pants and its considered a huge breach if someone does? what is the big deal of pants?

7) why deos a woman have tznius more than a man?
Reply:  1) The robotic programming had a glitch...

2) Yes, Correct

3) There are hundreds of thousands of laws and customs written in the various Seforim (books). If we were to keep all of them, we wouldn't have enough time in the day. Our religion has a system of determining which are required and which are not.

4) No

5) We are all related.... YES

6) See #1

7) I will let you think about that one a bit. It just might come to you.

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