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Author:  Renee
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Date:  11/7/2004 9:40:00 AM
Subject:  Black wedding
Message:  I went to a very fancy wedding recently too and had the same experience as Sara.

The men were all in black and the women were (every one of them) in head to toe black with not a colour in sight.

Additionally the bride sat on her kabbalat Panim chair weeping and saying Tehillim (and I assume prayers for Agunot). The bride also walked to the Huppah with her head bowed, fervently in prayer and stood under the Huppah with her Hatan fervently praying and crying. (It really felt strange, I must say).

When did weddings become "tragedies" among the Jewish people? (Maybe we need more than three dates?).

The sorrow isn't only surrounding weddings though, I have noticed that weekday and Shabbat attire among frum women has also become head to toe black including the black snood (since your Indian hair wig is assur and you can't afford to wear your Italian custom for any normal occasion).

I do have to wonder if somehow we have gotten a little confused and have merged our perception of observant Judaism with monastic or convent life?

Okay, paranoid me, perhaps we should be wondering how this very visable cultural change has penetrated our "so-called" insular society since television and magazines do not show the world wearing black (I think pink is "in"). It is fair wonder if somehow our schools, shuls and homes are being penetrated on a more personal basis by the influence of individuals who we wrongly permit to influence us and our children, either because we think they are "so nice" or so G-d fearing that we fail to perceive them as the threat to the future of our people that they are.

You know who I mean.
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