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Author:  YACOV
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Date:  10/31/2004 12:01:00 AM
Subject:  FOUL FRUMS
Message:  There is a caterer who davens at my shul who talks constatntly. I have seen him talking during kedusha [chazores hashas, which according to Rabbi Solomon carries the worst warning in Schulchan Aruch] and he talks during Kaballa Shabbos. personally I would never trust his kashrut and think extremelty lowly of him and his family and friends. But I would rather stop his disrespect for davening than take any action.

I have asked him several times to stop and am reallty quite tired of these people who use Torah as a show and the frum community for comfort and refuge.

At what point can I start warning people that his food is possibly treif and that he can not be trusted?

Reply:  It is not your place to warn. It si the place of the Rabbi of your shul or the Rabbonim of your town.
Remember what Rav Noach Weinberg said, "don't judge the Jewish religion by the Jews". This way you will never get tired of them just, maybe, embarrassed by them. The chillul Hashem that they cause is not your responsibility.

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