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Author:  Samyntha
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Date:  10/28/2004 11:38:00 AM
Subject:  Hydroponics
Message:  Hello!
I am a student in a class called "Judaism and Ecology" and I am writing a research paper about sustainable food sources. I have decided to narrow down my topic to that of technological advances in agriculture, namely hydroponics. I was hoping that you could give me a little bit of insight pertaining to hydroponically grown fruits and vegetables and their place in kashrut practice. How would prayers be different for a hydroponically grown tomato or lettuce then a traditionally land grown tomato to lettuce. Would there be any special practices to make these or other items kosher as opposed to land grown produce? Is there any other insight that you could give pertaining to the correctness of hydroponics (whether or not it follows the Torah, such as in Genesis where man is given the command to "subdue the land")?
All of your help is appreciated! Thank you very much!

Reply:  I refer this to our scientists in Florida, the Kohn family....

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