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Author:  Curious
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Date:  10/25/2004 4:02:00 PM
Subject:  women wearing pants
Message:  Rav:
I may be mistaken but I recall that last year you had answered a post on women wearing pants with an explanation of tzniut being dependent on the standards of the community you live in. That is, if the community is a community of halachic, G-d fearing individuals and it is accepted there for women to wear loose pants then it may be permitted. Is this no longer your view or was it never your view?

Thank you.
Reply:  We have addressed this topic to death.
First of all, pants is not a "man's clothing." On the other hand, immodest dress is not allowed, and dresses or pants are included in this.
The main thing is that wearing pants that reach the ankles is much better than wearing a skirt with bare legs between the knees and the ankles.
Of course, in regards to the community you live in, any extra restrictions all people are accustomed to in the name of modesty is a requirement on all.

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