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Author:  Renee
E-mail:  kohn@ix.netcom.com
Date:  10/20/2004 8:52:00 PM
Subject:  Weekend with Rabbi Abadi
Message:  Is there interest in a "Scholar in Residence Program" in Miami Beach???

There is an Orthodox Sephardic Jewish Center here in beautiful Miami Beach that would most likely be happy to host and there is relatively (relatively for Miami Beach) inexpensive lodging nearby. (The high season starts 12/15 but in January there are often deals to be had as January is not a typical holiday travel time). The nearby hotels are the Deauville, the Holiday Inn at 63rd and Collins, Crystal Suites, and there are also others that are an easy walk.

Shabbat kiddush lunch is generally served in the synagogue and dinner is often arranged for visiting groups.

If there is interest, then perhaps potential dates can be presented to the Board for approval.

After Pesah, any date in Miami Beach would be much less expensive. Unfortunately there are few people in our community who have an extra space for guests due to the high cost of housing, but there may be some.

Whaddya think??
Reply:  Anything is possible. This idea has not been presented to my father yet, to my knowledge.

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