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Author:  martin
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Date:  10/20/2004 2:16:00 PM
Subject:  re:wow
Message:  Author: All I can say is
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Date: 10/6/2004 9:45:33 AM
Subject: WOW!!

Dear Rabbi,

If a non-Shabbat observant Jew poured himself a glass of non-mevushal wine, would he drinking treif?
Would his bracha be levatel?


Reply: Why would he care? Why would you care? Who cares? He obviously doesn't believe in Hashem. His Brachos are to who? I'm lost.

I'm not sure why martin asked this question but I was shocked by your answer! A non-Shabbat observing Jew doesn't believe in Hashem??!? WOW! What a statement!

I assume you realize that some (many?) (most?) readers of this site are not 100% frum (is anyone really 100% anyway??)

Would you suggest that all other mitzvot don't matter to anyone who happpens to drive, cook, or work on Shabbat? Should I not eat in my sukkah tonight because last Shabbat I lit candles after zman?

I've always appreciated your no nonsense answers but I think this one goes overboard.

I assume that I won't hear back from you before tonight, so I'll eat in my sukkah, dance with a torah tomorrow night, get an aliyah on Friday and enjoy Shabbat. If you happen to read this and think that I'm wasting my time doing those things, please tell me because I have playoff tickets that I'm otherwise giving up. Maybe I can go to the game. I hear the treif hot dogs are good.

    I can't figure out why you would have tickets to the playoffs in the first place!!!   Don't you know that the Rav holds that one may not go to a ballgame?! You can't just take the "koolahs"(leniencies) and not the "chumras" (stringencies)!
Reply:  Thanx Martin

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