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Author:  Michelle
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Date:  10/15/2004 3:42:00 PM
Subject:  Eggs comment
Message:  Author:      jill
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Dear Rabbi Abadi,

I was happy to see your response including the rooster. Most people don't know that it is a fertilized egg that makes the blood (usually).

I just wanted to add one more thing, as I used to have chickens, and I observed something interesting regarding the mitzvah of shooing a bird from the nest.

We are not to take eggs without shooing the hen from the nest, and most commentary I have read says that this is because we don't want to "upset the mother."

I wanted to add another reason. If eggs are fertile, the mother will NOT leave the nest. She would rather die. However, if the eggs are infertile, the mother can be shooed.

This mitzvah is very practical (as most mitzvot are). If the mother can be shooed, the eggs are probably infertile and therefore Kosher. If she can't be shooed, the eggs are probably fertile and not kosher.

Just thought I'd add my two cents.


Date:      7/4/2004 12:14:34 AM
Subject:      eggs
Message:      why do you not have to check eggs? i have found blood spots numerous times

Reply:      The eggs are "Safna Mearah" (not from a rooster), therefore there are no real blood spots. BUT, if you see blood, then you should throw out the egg.

Reply:  Thanks for the input. Although I will not disagree with your point, I want to make one thing clear. The Mitzvah of the Torah is not "because we don't want to upset the mother." The one who said that is mistaken. God's laws are not clear to us why he makes them. We can sometimes get a small insight into possibly a component of the purpose of a Mitzvah, but I wouldn't put too much confidence in that.

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