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Date:  10/6/2004 5:06:00 PM
Subject:  Marriage by a reform/conservative
Message:  I was married by a Reform/Conservative Rabbi before I was completely frum. I knew enough at the time though to insist on a pre-printed fill in the blank Orthodox kesuba and using only one plain gold ring given to my kallah, along with the Orthodox text of the marriage vows etc. The kesubah was read aloud and we also did the tannaim, bedecken etc. All food was CRC kosher. Basically the wedding was Orthodox style except for some mixed dancing.    I also had one male Shomer Shabbos witness (still Shomer Shabbos and much frummer even than he was then) and one witness whose Shemiras Shabbos could be in question at this point, and back then this person would ride a bike on shabbos outside but for the most part was pretty close to keeping Shabbos at the time as far as not using electricity, working, driving etc. I have lost touch with this person, so do not know his level of his Sabbath observance. Also in attendance at the wedding was another fellow who although not shomer shabbos and not the witness at the time, now is a very respected frum shomer shabbos person in his community.   I have been married 15 years with 5 kids and have never really thought about this until you brought it up. It is very disturbing to think I may not have been married properly and would have to do it again. Bedieved, I assume the marriage is completely kosher legamre, but what do you or the prevailing authorities think? Please refer me to some written responsa/halachic rulings or other resources if you can. I do not want to ask in my community as I am scared of the emabarassment should the answer be not what I want to hear. Thanks
Reply:  Since your witnesses were shomer Shabbos, the marriage was a good one. The bicycling issue would not render him a mechalel Shabbos, because he was basically shomer Shabbos and the reason he went on a bike, is because he thought it was not a real problem.
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