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Author:  Renee
E-mail:  kohn@ix.netcom.com
Date:  10/6/2004 4:22:00 PM
Subject:  Plumbing parts sukkah -PVC
Message:  We used PVC for years but after a while found that it bent (I guess from the extreme FL heat) and also we do get some stormy weather down here and the PVC is very lightweight and tends to blow pretty easy. It could work fine in NY though. It is easy to cut and you could easily glue little parts together to get a custom length instead of cutting the pipes.

We have had good luck with the galvanized electrical conduit for the past three years now. It is sturdy, doesn't bend at all and most importantly does not conduct electricity!!!! (Lots of lightening storms here during Sukkot).

I have digital pictures to email after Yom Tov (Bli neder).

Maybe we can use some of your garbage here in Florida to fill in what washed away during the four hurricanes. Haiti might even pay for it. Chag Sameah!!
Reply:  Thanks.
I think if we take the ash created at Waste to Energy plants, we can use it as fill, and maybe even create a new Island...

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