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Author:  Renee
E-mail:  kohn@ix.netcom.com
Date:  10/5/2004 11:14:00 AM
Subject:  Plumbling parts sukkah
Message:  Decades ago (ah yes!) when my husband was a student in Engineering School he designed a Sukkah that was made from plumbing parts. At the time the Sukkah cost $89 to make from parts that were available from any hardware store (figure the inflation). It takes about an hour to assemble, can be done without tools, stores flat in a 12" space (we have brackets on our roof fascia for storing it), is expandable (B'ezrat Hashem), windproof and attractive.

The first incarnation of this Sukkah used copper piping (the best) but it was a lightening rod and not well suited for the tropics. Plastic piping works but is not as sturdy as 1" galvanized electrical conduit which is the latest incarnation of this engineering marvel. We have used vinyl paint tarp walls for cold climates and screening for hot climates. Decorations hang nicely from the screening with paper clips.

Basically it is galvanized pipe and elbows that snap together and tighten with those ring screws. A rectangle on the bottom, one on the top and galvanized pipe supports every ten feet. Bungi cords (the little ones with the big plastic beads) go through the loops in the tarps or screens to hold up the walls.

Everything breaks down, rolls up in the tarps and stores in a minimal space for next year.

We have found that Home Depot will custom cut the piping too if you want to make a special size Sukkah. The Schach is supported by firring strips(the cheapest 1" lumber)that is secured with plastic cable ties.

If anyone is interested in building a giant tinkertoy Sukkah (get a jump on next year), it can still be done for about $150 for a 10 x 20 by 8 ft tall Sukkah. Please email if you are interested in digital pictures or more detailed instructions
Reply:  Thanks! I'm interested, but for next year. How about PVC?

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