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Author:  kollelguy
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Date:  10/5/2004 8:52:00 AM
Subject:  kollel
Message:  Is one allowed to accept hud so he can keep on learning?
Reply:  If he deserves the HUD, then he can accept it. The problem is that most of the government programs are geared to people who cannot get work, have disabilities, have no money, and the like. In order to get many of these programs, people usually need to lie on their application. They often play games with the ownership of their house, their savings accounts, stocks, etc. Suddenly their wealthy "Shver" (father-in-law) owns their house and their Infinity, and they drive that Infinity to the HUD office to apply for government assistance. This is not only lying and stealing, but it is also a Chilul Hashem (a disgrace of God). People who see this say, "what a disgraceful lifestyle these people lead!" Teshuva (repentance), Yessurim, & Yom Kippur are still not enough to clean away such a sin.

People should think before they just do something that "everybody else does."

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