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Author:  mdy
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Date:  10/5/2004 12:17:00 AM
Subject:  Lulav
Message:  At what age should a set of Arba Minim be bought for my children?
If I can not buy them a set, for the first day how should I have them shake my Minim?
Does my wife have to remove her rings when shaking the Minim?
Reply:  The age when they understand that they're doing a Mitzvah. A father knows when.
Give it to them the same way you give to anyone on the first day, as a gift on condition that they return it.

A wife does not need to do Lulov & Etrog etc.
If a woman does, she should not make the blessing. If she does it, but she doesn't pray 3 times a day, that is absurd. Women have more than enough of their own Mitzvot and they don't need to add more.

People think that adding men's Mitzvot to women is a step forward for women's rights and a victory against male chauvinism. I say that it was the male chauvinists that pushed this whole concept to begin with. They preach and feel that women are inferior and their Mitzvot are insignificant. They say that women should take on a few of "our" Mitzvot, if they want to feel important. That is ridiculous! Woman have their own set of Mitzvot that are designed for women and bring out the women's role in God's master plan. Doing a man's Mitzvot instead is just plain silly.

To help you see the absurdity of it, I'll give you a simple example. A CEO for a large corporation was preparing his people for the marketing of a new product that took sixteen years to develop. All the stockholders were counting on this for their "big pop," the significant increase in value of their stocks overnight. The CFO was to prepare projections and all the financial data necessary, while the COO would work with the marketing team to bring out the product with the right media attention and attitude. When the CFO sees that the marketing plan is not as he would like, or maybe he likes the hype and excitement of the marketing, he goes and joins the marketing meetings and spends most of the preparation time in the excitement of the marketing. Before the deadline, he quickly puts some numbers together and is ready to go. As you can imagine, the marketing plan is wonderful and there isn't a person who didn't hear about and get excited for this new product. Unfortunately, the company's stocks went down about 5%. Why? Because when the investors and analysts did their math, they realized that with the numbers presented, the product was not profitable. They assume that with such a well organized presentation, the company certainly put their best foot forward on the math, and if this is as good as it gets, I'd rather invest in Enron.

What went wrong? Each person was given his/her job. The whole picture is complete when each job is done. The CFO thought his job was less important and less exciting. In reality, his job was one of the most important ones there. The entire marketing was to bring attention to this project so that people will then look at the bland spreadsheets created by the CFO.

We don't control how God created his world. We barely understand it. One thing we do know. God gave each group their job descriptions. Stick to your job description and do the best you can. Certainly you will accomplish what God wants from you. Doing someone else's job will not help anything and will be a negative on your next job application. The CFO will need to look for a job at H & R Block to survive. No one else would hire him. Is this anti-CFO? I will let you decide.

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