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Author:  Diane
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Date:  10/4/2004 3:30:00 PM
Subject:  Celiac (wheat allergy)
Message:  I've just read a newspaper story about a Catholic family having a problem because only wheat is permitted under canon law for communion wafers, so their celiac child cannot participate in this sacrament at all (under applicable religious law). What I am wondering is what approach is taken halakhically to those mitzvot that require consumption of bread (or anything else to which someone is allergic)? Are substitutes permitted, or is the person simply foreclosed from those mitzvot?
Reply:  There is no replacement for a MItzva. It must be done according to its specific requirements. If not possible, then you can't do it and you are excused. "not possible" does not include "I don't eat white flour because it is fattening, not pure enough or any other reason.

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