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Author:  Sebastian
E-mail:  not available
Date:  9/29/2004 1:06:00 AM
Subject:  Bracha
Message:  Hi. I'd like to know if I can get a bracha from Rav Yitzchak (for chuppah and parnasa especially). Is that possible? Thanks!
Reply:  Do you want an e-Bracha?
Just kidding!

He can certainly be visited in Israel, or during his frequent visits to the USA.

Brachot (Rabbi's Blessings) are overrated. When a person has a problem or wants something, the real first step is to turn to God. This includes looking into our actions and observances to detect and repair flaws. Often a Beracha is an attempt to avoid that step.

On the other hand, after taking that step properly, going to a Talmid Chacham (a learned & pious Rabbi) for a blessing is certainly a bonus. Going to a "Mekubel" or for that matter a psychic, however, is not recommended.

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