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Author:  anon
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Date:  9/28/2004 7:50:00 PM
Subject:  re: Torah
Message:  Will you continue to bring animal sacrifices? Of the 6 Volumes of Mishnayot, at least 1 entire volume is dedicated to that.

What about most of Taharot? And then you have an overwhelming percentage of the others that is not applicable today. And no one does apply it today. I'm only different because I am not a robot who follows the programmed actions. But rather I/We think into what we do.

The fact that it is not applicable today does not imply that God wanted it that way, only that Moshiach hasn't arrived yet. Theoretically if we were to have the land and the temple, our religion would require us to sacrifice offerings and observe taharos laws.
Reply:  One of us may not have understood what the question was. Look over the question carefully.

"Isn't it weird that most halachik requirements that were very applicable to life 100 years ago has since been outdated? I mean, AA always says that this halacha and that halacha are for a different time period."

To that I respond by saying that applicability of Mitzvot and laws are clearly dictated in Halachah. If 98% of Mitzvot are not applicable for real reasons, that is not contrary to the Torah. On the other hand, if even one Mitzvah is modified at will, without a basis in Halachah, then that person would probably be considered an Apikores.

"God wanted it that way"
God created the laws. If these exceptions are within those laws, then I'll assume that God wanted it that way.

I have yet to hear an actual question. I do not know where you stand on this or what issue is bothering you. Let's hear it! Spit it out!

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