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Author:  USS NJ
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Date:  9/28/2004 9:43:00 AM
Subject:  re:Tinok Shenishba
Message:  Author: Dan
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Date: 8/11/2004 10:58:25 PM
Subject: re: tinok shenishba
Message: I dont quite understand USS NJ's post. First of all, by discussing the halachik status of a tinok shenishba we are not rendering definitive decision on the matter, just trying to understand the concept. Second, and more importantly, even if tinok shenishba wereto have no practical ramifications why should that stop us from discussing it? It is still a halachik idea that is part of our mesorah. This bears understanding regarldess of practical application, and any criticism of this is very misdirected

Reply: We are studying Torah, should it be like a song...
As said by Abaya...

I dont understand. Please explain what you mean?

Please understand, I was not Chas VeShalom saying we should not learn all of Torah and it's beautiful songs. My question was merely regarding it's place on a site that is mostly geared to practical halacha, like kashrut, dinei shabbat etc. My question was answered that there some practical aspects to this halacha, that was all I was after.
Reply:  No problem.

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