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Author:  matt
E-mail:  sds@sdc.com
Date:  9/26/2004 5:34:00 PM
Subject:  respecting parents
Message:  lechvod harav

does one have to do everything there parents tell them to do, for example if they ask you to do an errand for them do you have to? or is the main thing to respect them. l

Reply:  I will assume, that you would love to do it, but you just want to know what type of Mitzva it is. If they ask you to do something against Halacha or dangerous, then you should not listen. Otherwise, with few exceptions, you must listen. Of course, one may say, my parents can't tell me what to do, but i doubt that is your attitude.
The safest way to deal with this issue, is to have a Rov. You can't go wrong.

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