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Author:  dave
E-mail:  rabbidw@cs.com
Date:  9/26/2004 8:53:00 AM
Subject:  Reform Marriage 2
Message:  But what does the Rabbi have to do with the kiddushin? If the witnesses are proper, and have been properly appointed, and the proper words are said with the proper intent the "officiating Rabbi" is not involved halachically at all and is only there for the state. I Know your father was a talmid of Rav AAron ztl' as he learnt chavrusa with my cousin, Yehoshua Kalish, but many Conservative Rabbis, if not most, keep all the halachos of kidushin. The issue should not be whether we oppose the Conservative and reform movements, but whether there is an halachically valid Kidushin. I am strongly against the meshichist wing of the Lubavitch movement. Does that mean that there kidushin are not valid? DW
Reply:  This is the reason I wrote that it must be verified. BUT, most of the time, the Kedushin by Conservative is a 2 ring ceremnony. Which, my fathers holds, almost automatically renders the kedushin null and void. That is one of my father's first questions - was it a 2 ring ceremony?

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