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Author:  a man named sam
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Date:  9/22/2004 5:18:00 PM
Subject:  shatnez2
Message:  You told this guy just now before that he didn't need to check his pants for the shatnez. Can you tell me why that is the truth? What is the story with shatnez. Do we check in this day or maybe not?

Sam Rosenzweig
Reply:  "Shatnez is an acronym described by the sages for "Shua," "Tavi," & "Nuz," which is for combed, spun and woven. This means that if any of these processes done with wool and linen together the garment would be prohibited according to the Torah."

This was copied from a Shaatnez Lab website.

These people have taken a law and modified it to benefit their own interests and to use it as a power or control over others. In reality, in order to be 100% De'Oraita (Torah based) Shaatnez, you must have the three processes above done with both materials togather, wool & linen. It doesn't exist that way today.

If you know something is Shaatnez, then remove the Shaatnez. Otherwise, go on with your life...

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