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Author:  Mordecai G
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Date:  9/21/2004 9:10:00 AM
Subject:  going to Har Habayit
Message:  What does the Rav hold regarding going up to visit and daven on har Habayit? I would go up with people who have studied the issues and know the locations according to the various shittot of the azarah and cheyl, etc.. I would go to a mikva in advance in accordance with the relevant halachot of Tahara.
Some prominent rabbis have come out publicly against ascending Har Habayit. is it really a halachic problem or are they just being overly cautious for those who would not take proper precautions (as those who go up explain)?

Reply:  As long as you get Hazaah Shlishi & Shevi'i, you're all set!

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