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Author:  MS
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Date:  9/21/2004 9:01:00 AM
Subject:  Microwave
    If I cooked a meat dish in my microwave and some pieces splattered on the top of the microwave,. I cleaned it off. Then, within 24 hours I cooked a dairy dish and again some of the dairy splattered on the ceiling, is the
dairy dish kosher? My concern is that perhaps some of the dairy hit the top, absorbed the meat taste, and fell back down. Thanks (I realize that one should cover the food, but in this case I forgot). If it's OK, please explain why I needn't be concerned with my possible scenario.
             Cover either all dairy liquid or all meat liquid.

But be-diavad is the dairy dish kosher?
Reply:  This may not be a question for a Rabbi. Try some other professional...

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