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Author:  Mordecai G
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Date:  9/21/2004 8:45:00 AM
Subject:  non-religious guest for yomtov
Message:  My sister who is not religious (or at most she is minimally observant) will be joining us for sukkot in israel form the US.
I figure she is supposed to be keeping 2 days of yomtov according to halacha. I am suspicious that she will not, as she will see us not keeping yomtov she will figure whyshould she bother..
My worry is that I will end up doing melachas for her, such as driving if she wants to join us on a trip or various melachas around the house.

If she elects to not keep second day yomtov, is there any problem with that and do I have to behave differently because of it?
NOTE: I am not asking a shayla for her whether she needs to keep 2 days or 1. I am assuming she will rpobably keep only 1 and am asking how I should act in reference to her on the second day.

Thank you,
Reply:  Act as normal and let her live. Maybe then she'll think about getting a bit more observant...

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