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Author:  Jack D.
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Date:  9/20/2004 4:57:00 PM
Subject:  Re: korbanot
Message:  B'Khavod,

In post #9320, AA says, "the Halachah says that it is better to learn Halachah than the saying of the Korbanot."

However, there seems to be an inherent contradiction in this statement: If Maran held that learning Torah was better than praying (saying) the qorbanoth, then he would have advised us not to say the qorbanoth in the first place! This would seem to apply universally, since saying qorbanoth is always at the expense of time that could be spent learning Torah. The fact that Maran advised saying the qorbanoth clearly indicates that he held it is appropriate to say the qorbanoth under some conditions.

-->Please clarify under what conditions should a person (ba'al bayit, yeshivah bachur, etc.) say qorbanoth.

Thank you,
Jack D.

Reply:  You figure that if you keep bombarding me with your opinion, then eventually I will just give in.   

Reading Korbanot is learning. Praying Korbanot is a waste of time. Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai and his son didn't say anything except for the main part of Shema, since they were learning every second.

Korbanot is beneficial if it is learned before praying. Once you've prayed, you might as well just go about your normal routine. Learn Hilchot Shabbat, Hilchot Tefilah, whatever...

You misquoted me by making it seem like I was saying better not to say Korbanot. Look at the question that I answered. It was about a person who was going to miss Korbanot....

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