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Author:  moishg
E-mail:  moishg2001@yahoo.com
Date:  9/20/2004 4:56:00 PM
Subject:  Tzedaka and Tuition
Message:  With regard to the question of giving tzedaka when owing a hefty amount of tuition, you gave good advice as to switch with his friend etc.

But as to the essential question.
Should a person have to give maaser at all if he can't pay his bills. Any bills, and especially yeshiva tuition bills.
It would seem from the S.A. that one who can't pay his bills is not mechuyov in Maaser at all.

(Also, might not tuition be considered maaser, depending on the age and gender of the child.Is this correct?)
Reply:  Tuition is not Maaser unless it is not mandatory.

But you are right about needing to pay your bills first. However, many things we spend on today will probably be secondary to Tzedakah, so you really need specific advice in such cases.

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