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Author:  JOPE
E-mail:  op22oa@lao.com
Date:  9/14/2004 4:36:00 PM
Subject:  kippa 2
Message:  You quoted your father:
"Surely in this time noone argues that you need to cover your head all day"

This means that a kippa is optional!!

You said:

Today ("surely in this time") no one claims, or puts forth the position ("no one argues") that you need to wear a kippa all day ("that you need to cover your head all day")

So, again, to clarfy, is that true? Nobody holds that a kippa is necessary anymore? Wow.
Reply:  Slow down! There are different levels to each law. There are some that are Biblical Commandments, others that are Rabbinical restrictions, and others that are merely Customs. Once something is a law, it is a law, even if it started only as a Custom.

Wearing a head-covering for men was not mandatory, except during Prayers and similar situations. At some point in History the men accepted it as a Custom to wear it everywhere. Now it is an absolute requirement.

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