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Author:  chaimshmuel
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Date:  9/14/2004 2:47:00 PM
Subject:  yom tov sheini
Message:  This question is obviously theoretical:

It seems that there are a number of posts by people looking to get out of observing the 2nd day on yomtov (travelling in Israel, studying there, thinking of moving/staying...everything but actually living there, which we all know is the only answer)

What are we doing wrong that we don't seem to WANT the extra day of chag? Shouldn't we (in theory) welcome an extra day of devotion to Hashem and an extra day of rest?

Chas v'sholom we combine 2 days of ymtov with a consecutive (3rd) day of Shabbos and people act as though this is the biggest punishment imaginable.

Any thoughts?

Reply:  It's all that excessive eating that makes us turn into blimps....

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