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Author:  Shmuel
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Date:  9/14/2004 2:34:00 PM
Subject:  Ovens
Message:  Message:        Reply:        We don't have Fleishig or Milchig ovens so the question is not a question. You can use it either oven interchangeably.

So if I bake Challa in my Fleishig oven can I eat the Challah with Dairy products?
Reply:      Again, there is no such thing as a Fleishig oven. So, yes, you can.

I still don't get it? Are you saying you can sook meat not covered in an oven and then afterwards cook dairy not covered in the same oven? Is that beacuse you're waiting 24 hours in between the cooking or even with in 24 hours?
Reply:  yes, immediately after is ok

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