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Author:  pnina
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Date:  9/12/2004 10:44:00 AM
Subject:  Rosh Hashana davening
Message:  what are the feelings you should have on rosh hashana?
NOt sad right?
Before rosh hashana should one go through the year and write down all his misdeeds he remembers? as Teshuva?
thank you!
Reply:  If you can do Teshuva, do it every day or week, too. Certainly before Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur do Teshuva (repentance). Don't try fooling God. He is smarter than that. If you regret something, then really decide to change it. If you can't change over night, don't tell God that you will, knowing that it will never happen. Tell him you will take the following steps to achieve that goal, but be honest.

On Rosh Hashanah you should have already done Teshuva. If not, then do it immediately, and spend the day knowing that you are going before a real Judge for serious issues. Be serious during prayers. Never sad! If the prayers are too long, then you can become sad. So go home early, leave for a break, or come later. In any case, women don't need to go to Synagogue at all. It is their option. Shofar is not required for women. (and men don't have to go through labor).

It is a Yom Tov (Holiday), and it should be treated as such. We are being judged, but we are also well connected in this particular court. As long as we try, and do our best, we know that we will be in good hands....

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