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Author:  Jonathan
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Date:  9/12/2004 3:21:00 AM
Subject:  Army during Sukot
Message:  My miluim falls during Sukot this year, I will most likely be doing guard duty all over the place, often I expect it will be hard to find a Suka or somewhere to build one.
I suppose I should avoid eating mezonot as much as possible, but army food is quite limited and I was wondering if in these circumstances it would be ok to eat sandwiches even outside a suka.
Thank you
Reply:  No need to make a Sukkah this year. Eat to your heart's content. If you can get a Sukkah, great. If not, it is no problem. The Gemara has stories where Tanaim where traveling and didn't eat or sleep in a Sukkah.

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