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Author:  sammy dweck
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Date:  9/11/2004 3:01:00 PM
Subject:  Yom Kippur fast II ..
Message:  Message: Granted, if my wife can stay in bed and fast she will. However, if she will be taking care of the baby and/or cannot withhold from sustenance due to pain, faintness, dizziness, sickness, etc. what is the prescribed path we take?

Reply: There are special pills that can be taken before the fast. If it is still a problem, a Rov in the area has to make the decision at the time. CYA

Rabbi, Kindly note that the issue with the pills is not so simple. Many posking forbid it completely. The “Sdeh Hemed” (Yom Kippur siman A, ot 18) forbids doing any things based on the gemarah that permits from mincha time YK cutting off leaves from greens so they are available right after the fast. Usually this is not permitted (shevut) but since it increases the “ugmat nefesh” it is permitted. See also ‘Mayim Hayim, Part II, question 40).

So I think ask a Rov is the best solution before taking actions such as pills. BTW, It is recommended to drink large amounts of water 2-3 days before the fast. This does not alleviate the “ugmat nefesh” but reduced the dryness feeling which causes basically the headaches , dizziness.   

Reply:  My father is the one who told me the idea that you should try the pill idea. He holds it is no problem.

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