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Author:  Eliyahu
E-mail:  kassorlae@mac.com
Date:  9/10/2004 9:49:00 PM
Subject:  Kippah
Message:  Is a Kippah actually required? I have learned the sources for the min'hag of kippah, and how it was a min'hag that turned into a (more or less) universally accepted Halacha. Is it required just on shabbat and in shul, or is that also just min'hag?
Reply:  I'll quote from Ohr Yitzhak Siman 2 (last paragraph) "Ulam vadai bzman hazeh leit man d'palig shetzarich lechasot harosh kol hayom" "Surely in this time noone argues that you need to cover your head all day"

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