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Author:  hanan
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Date:  9/8/2004 11:10:00 AM
Subject:  Rosh hashanah
Message:  K'vod HaRav:
We have an oven that has a safety feature that may shut the oven off if it's left on for too long. This happened to us on another Hag. We were unable to get the specific info from the manufacturer because they don't want the liability of having us leave the oven on.
In the event that it shuts off, can we ask our neighbor (a goy) to turn it on? If so, is there a certain way to ask him?
Please provide us with the specifics.
Hazak u'baruch for your tremendous work.
Reply:  On Yom Tov you can turn it on yourself, either with a lit match or if not so simple, just turn it on as normal.

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