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Author:  Renee
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Date:  9/7/2004 9:34:00 PM
Subject:  Genetic testing in the Sephardic Community
Message:  Personal experiences among both my husband's and my own extended families has been that the Mayo Clinic's/Dr. Ernest Beutler blood test for G6PD deficiency (a very common genetic enzyme deficiency among Sephardic families) has failed to detect the non self limiting Mediterranean variant of the deficiency.

We were assured by Dr. Beutler himself that it was impossible for the test be incorrect even among Mediterranean variants.

I wonder how accurate genetic testing in general can be now that some medical researchers are questioning the whole concept of Mendelian inheritance in general.

Reply:  This is where hishtadlut comes in. We need to do our effort and then we can leave the rest up to Hashem. My father loves to say, Hashem has been running the world very well till now, we don't need to help Him. But, we have a chiyuv to do our hishtadlut. That would include, according to most, avoiding a marriage that has a higher chance of disease.
This issue is a tough one, because there are those who will not go out without the test being done. Why make it harder than it is already, to find a shidduch. A wedding costs Thousands. Why save $200.

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