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Author:  Looking For The Right One
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Date:  9/7/2004 4:02:00 PM
Subject:  Attn Harry
Message:  Harry, I feel for you. I just went on a shiduch a few weeks ago with an out of town guy. His parents refused to allow him to come without my taking the Dor Yisharim test. My parents refused to pay for it, since they weren't carriers of Tay Sachs. Since his family felt bad about making me take off work and traveling the hour and half or so to take the test, they said they would pay half. Menwhile, the shiduch didn't work out and I received a call from the shadchen that she had the full amount for me! God always looks out for those who don't have others to help them.
Reply:  You are a lucky girl. I guess the guy's parents appreciate you more than your parents. They must have heard real good info on you. Good for you!

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