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Author:  Shmuel
E-mail:  sdsari@netscape.net
Date:  9/7/2004 8:55:00 AM
Subject:  Hat 3
Message:          "Kiyum in Atifa"

Mamish?! Does it say your Mechuyav to have a Kiyum in Atifa?

....and for those who speak English....
The question was, "Isn't it required to have your head covered (more than just a Kippah) by Shemona Esrey/Amida?"

This is not a requirement. There is an enhancement by this, but only under certain circumstances.


I didn't it was a Chiyuv but I would guess you put your Tallis over your head at Shachris for that same reason of Atifa. So why don't you do Atifa at other Tefillos as well.
Thank you
Reply:  The reason for the talis over the head is because it makes it easier to have kavana. This is seen by the Dayanim when they are diciding on a psak in a Beis Din, the Mishna says they wrap the talis

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