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Author:  alex
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Date:  9/3/2004 6:15:00 PM
Subject:  embarrassing the mikvah
Message:  After dipping in the mikvah, my wife was told that she is not allowed to shower in the mikvah building—for the same reason we cover the challah on before Kiddush.

I assumed is has something to do about embarrassing the mikvah, so to speak.

We would like know (1) what it means to embarrass a mikvah and (2) is this something us simple folk need to follow.

If it would not greatly inconvenience you, please add a bit of explanation for her sake.


Reply:  There was such a requirement, but it has nothing to do with embarrassing the Mikva. It is brought down in the Gemara, people used to pour water on themselves after they came out of the Mikva. Then they started thinking that the pouring was koshering them, so to avoid confusion, the Chachomim said no pouring water after the Mikva.
My father holds that you can shower after the Mikva. Maybe, you should just do it at home. Showering at the Mikva says that the water is dirty. That probably offends them.

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