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Author:  AR
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Date:  8/27/2004 2:18:00 PM
Subject:  sashimi
Message:  Rabbi Abaddi
Regarding the advice you posted to a questioner about cutting your own sashimi from the fish store to avoid a kashrus problem. I heard here in Monsey from a oriental restaurant owner who makes Sushi in a Kosher establishment, that the type of salmon that they use is entirely different than just plain salmon that you buy in the store and theirs is soaked and cleaned in a sort of vinegar solution. She said (with some knowledge-I assume) that one should never ever try to make their own sushi from the fish store and if you do you will run the risk of getting very sick.
Just a word to the wise as a health danger is even more stringent than a halachic danger.

Reply:  Certainly don't do anything without knowing what you're doing. Even buying sashimi from restaurants that don't sell volume can get you spoiled fish.
Thanks for your input.

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