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Author:  Shmuel
E-mail:  sdsari@netscape.net
Date:  8/26/2004 2:55:00 AM
Subject:  Hat 2
Message:  Message:        " I don't even wear a hat by Davening (Praying)."

Why not? Isn't a Kiyum in Atifa which one should do by Davening like you put your Tallit over your head by Shachrit?
Reply:      I'm confused. Please elaborate. Is this a Halacha question, a Hashkafa issue or just a follow up to some previous post?

This is a Halachick question. I think you wrote that in a post a few days ago with the subject labeled "children" Did I misunderstand you?
Reply:  "Kiyum in Atifa"

Mamish?! Does it say your Mechuyav to have a Kiyum in Atifa?

....and for those who speak English....
The question was, "Isn't it required to have your head covered (more than just a Kippah) by Shemona Esrey/Amida?"

This is not a requirement. There is an enhancement by this, but only under certain circumstances.


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