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Author:  HaDaR
E-mail:  HaDaR@k4h.org
Date:  8/25/2004 10:16:00 PM
Subject:  Yeshivish
Message:  Two CORRECTIONS to the previous posting, in which the author forgot to mention Far Rockaway, the "vipers' nest" (to quote my brother, Rabbi Meir Abuchatsera) of the "yeshivish"...

1) ALVAY they used Italian suits (most are really cheap and ugly) and coming from Italy I know what I am talking about...

2) the women's outfits are NOT skin-tight but they are certainly for the most part cheap synthetic material...(and alvay the air-wigs were Italian...)

Having had the horrible nisayon of living in Far Rockaway for two years and marrying someone who lives by that stuff (Barukh Hashem it's over!) ...somehow I remember suffering a lot for their colour-less obsessions and disgusting approach to other Jews who don't like looking like penguins...!
I had never been embarrassed so much in my life, nor been made to feel out of place more: my kippah was too big, my peoth too long; and then "...what's with his coloured shirts?..."; I was blasted and ridiculed because I wear ONLY white on Shabbath (I guess they are too far removed from Mishna and Tannaim!!) and other "Torah-true" behaviours...
Reply:  You bash "Far Rockaway" as a whole? I hope not. If you were to do that, it would be silly. You are upset that they see your dress style and make fun of you, generalizing that all people dressed like that are nuts. Then you say all Far Rockaway people are nuts.

Let's try tolerance. It just might bring a little sanity into the world....

Peot too long is not necessary. White only on Shabbat is not necessary, as black suits and hats are not necessary. If you are in a culture that dresses a certain way and you deliberately dress differently, you deserve the ridicule that you receive, since you were smart enough to know it was coming and you invited it in. I don't justify the ones that do ridicule you, but let's face it, you knew what you were getting into. I am not suggesting that we must dress like the neigbors completely, as I clearly do not, but the more blatant the difference, the more blatant the response.

Torah-True Behavior is to chill, to learn Torah, keep the Mitzvot, and not to spend your time picking fights and stirring controversy. (other than what the Torah requires you to stir...)

Try taming down your act. You'll feel more at ease. You will be happier and live longer.

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