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Author:  LkwdGuy
E-mail:  dasmo@netzero.com
Date:  8/25/2004 1:40:00 PM
Subject:  re: shehechayanu
Message:  Author: LkwdGuy
E-mail: dasmo@netzero.net
Date: 8/19/2004 5:30:25 PM
Subject: Shehecheyanu
Message: 1) Does one make a bracha on the birth of a son?
2) Does one make a bracha on the birth of a daughter?
3) Does one make a bracha on a major purchase such as a car?
4) Regarding #3 above: If one should make a bracha in this case, should the bracha be made at the time of the purchase (i.e. the exchange of $$ / paperwork) or at the time that the item is first used?
5) What about other household "Simchah inducing purchases" i.e. a new set of china, a dining room set etc.
6) In which cases would the proper bracha be Shehecheyanu and in which cases would the proper bracha be Hatov V'hameitiv?

Reply: On the birth of a son, the father and mother make a B'racha - Hatov V'hameitiv. This is even if they didn't see the baby yet.
On cars and other items that you are very happy about your purchase, you make Hatov V'hameitiv if two or more are going to have use from it. If only one person will use it, then you make Shehacheyanu. The B'racha is made as soon as it reaches your property or when it is usable for you, whichever comes first.

Than you for your time
Just to follow up, I don't think you answered question #2 (which happened to be the one that was Nogaia)
Reply:  2. No

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