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Author:  Jeff Duitch
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Date:  8/23/2004 6:21:00 PM
Subject:  Possible contradiction on dimmers
Message:  Recently, someone asked about dimmers on Yom Tov and Chaim (CYA) answered:

Author: MS
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Date: 8/23/2004 8:00:53 AM
Subject: dimmer
Message: Can you use a dimmer on Yom Tov?

Reply: no

Was MS asking about turning dimmers ON, or was it concerning turning them OFF?   Someone else asked about this a while back and Aaron (AA) answered that using dimmers in certain situations are OK on a Yom Tov that doesn't fall on Shabbos or Yom Kippur.

Author: Sebastian
E-mail: dfaizakoff@hotmail.com
Date: 10/13/2003 1:40:04 AM
Subject: dimmer on Yom Tov

You have previously said we can extinguish electric light on Yom Tov (which I did this Yom Tov - that was sooo cool!)

1) Can I assume then that using a dimmer to lower the lights is ok too?

2) What about raising them?

3) Why can we turn off the lights but not turn them on?

Thank You!

Reply: 1) Yes
2) A problem. Sometimes OK, but others not.
3) Turning off the lights is just cutting off it's electric supply. No real Melachah. (On Shabbat we wouldn't do it, however). Putting on a light might be like making a fire. We are expected to make our lights and fires before the holiday. If however, we did light them and they were inadvertantly extinguished, we can relight them on Yom Tov.

Author: Sebastian
E-mail: dfaizakoff@hotmail.com
Date: 10/14/2003 12:48:50 PM
Subject: dimmer on Yom Tov Follow-up
Message: Great! So when is raising the dimmer permissible and when is it a problem?

Reply: SAme rule as turning on the light. If it was on before, or you ran out of time before Yom Tov, it's Ok to put it on or raise the dimmer.

In my opinion, there seems to be a contradiction between what Chaim said vs. what Aaron said. which one of these is correct according to your father?   As always, thanks very much.
Reply:  It is not a contradiction. Read it again.

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