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Author:  "Sephardishe"
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Date:  8/23/2004 4:57:00 PM
Subject:  yeshivish
Message:  I have always thought that "Yeshivishe" was a foreign language because I have a copy of the "Pledge of Allegiance" translated into "Yeshivishe". (I suppose for study purposes for candidates for naturalization):

"I am meshubad myself, bli neder, to hold shtark to the siman of the United States of America, and the medinah that is gufah its tachlis, one feste chevrah, b'ezras Hashem. Echad vyachid, with simchah and erlichkeit for the gantze oilam."

I have heard this language spoken in Lakewood, parts of Brooklyn, Baltimore and even in some areas "out of town". It seems to be a dialect of English mixed with Yiddishe/Low Germanic idiome and some Hebrew phrases too. The grammar seems borrowed from Yiddish but most of the vocabulary seems to be from a dialect of English mixed with some Hebrew words.

I just always assumed there was a sect associated with the language due to the distinctive dress of both men and women speakers of "yeshivishe". The men favour black Italian suits and fedoras while the women seem to uniformly wear skin tight lycra outfits and Italian hair wigs.

I have been assuming that any linguistic resemblance between "yeshivishe" and to the word "Yeshivot" which are (in Hebrew) institutions of Torah education is merely coincidental.

Do you know of any additional resources for learning more about this?
Reply:  LOL
The less we know about it, the better.

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