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Author:  Vads
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Date:  8/23/2004 12:19:00 AM
Subject:  "frumkeit"
Message:  In yeshiva, bochurim talk amongst themselves,(I'm not specificaly pointing to yeshiva bochurim)"Oh no, 'ploni' isn't yeshivish" or "ech, their family isn't yeshivish".And I think to myself ,it's funny because everyone has their own meaning of 'yeshivish'.But the real interesting thing is that when I ask someone to explain to me what 'yeshivish' is,they change the subject,tell me this preposterous meaning, or they just start 'hocking'.
So personally I think there is no level in 'yiddishkeit' that labels a person 'yeshivish'.Because you can also have these people walking down the streets wearing frocks and and being 'machmeir' on themselves on every dumb 'chumrah' they can find to make thamselves frum while they turn out unbelievably 'krum' and these young people turn them into 'moreinu HaRav Ha"goon"...At the same time 'chas v'shalom' I'm not putting down all of those real rabbonim.I'm just saying that you could wear any color shirt you want,wear any color hat you want and still be on a higher 'madrega' that these so-called rabbonim.Just because you wear a gray hat on shabbos or whatever doesn't mean your an 'am haaretz'. So I'd like to know the meaning of 'yeshivish' if there is any.
Reply:  I don't know. I think everyone has their own definition of it.
It is not brougt down anywhere in Tanach, Gemara or Shulchan Aruch, at least not to my recollection. No, I didn't memorize everything, so I may be wrong, but some how, this time, I doubt it.

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