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Author:  friend
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Date:  8/22/2004 11:41:00 PM
Subject:  museum
Message:  Is a Jew allowed to go to a museum or science center where they will have presentations similar to movies, etc. or is it different because it's a museum and not a moshav leitzim- "gathering of scorners."
PS- There's nothing innapropriate like immodesty or evolution that they are showing.
Reply:  It's fine. Watch out for the things that are not real. They present real artifacts and then can put together an entire exhibit based on "theory." It is strange that science today is mixed up between theory and scientific fact. I was just at the Museum of Natural History. There is a complete floor and more dedicated to theory, to how they guess things were millions of years ago. Can't they at least clarify what is real? There are bones put together of dinosaurs. Clearly they found some bones and added others out of synthetic materials. Which ones are real? Just be careful.

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